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Image HNS is a proprietary blend of nutrients, including horsetail extract, a rich source of silica, necessary to promote healthy hair, nails, and skin.
Horsetail (Equisetum arvense) is a perennial plant that existedin prehistoric time and is a remarkably rich and natural sourceof easy-to-absorb silica. The body uses the silica compoundto keep connective tissues like hair, skin, nails, and even jointcartilage healthy and strong.
Adequate nutrition is necessary for the health of your hair,
nails, and skin. In addition to vitamins and minerals, the body
requires antioxidants to fight free radical damage and other
compounds, like silica, to maintain the strength and integrity
of the numerous tissues throughout the body.
• Hair is the fastest growing tissue in the body, second only
to bone marrow
• The average adult produces 35 meters of hair fiber
everyday on their head
• The longest fingernail in the world was measured at over
1.5 meters
• The average growth rate for each fingernail is 0.1 millimeter
each day, or 1 centimeter in 100 days.
Horsetail extract is naturally rich in readily-absorbable silica,
whose primary function is to help develop and maintain the
structural and functional integrity of connective tissue and
bone. The matrix of bone and any collagenous tissue is
largely composed of substances called mucopolysaccharides. Silica is known to be an essential component of these
substances, and is also thought to help form the connections among the mucopolysaccharides and the structural
proteins. Not only is silicon necessary for the “architecture”
of the bones and connective tissue, but also for functional
Add this.
Achieve the nails you’ve always wanted in just 10 minutes
a week. Like performance skin care for your nails, the
dermatologist-developed Dr. Dana Nail Renewal System is
clinically proven to support the appearance of healthier,
stronger, smoother, shinier, glossier, and less brittle nails.
Dr. Dana Nail Renewal System can rejuvenate
processed nails and help them look great. The secret is
the proprietary bioactive Phyto Crystal Complex—a
natural nail-hydrating formula good for your nails and
cuticles and free of harmful chemicals that can damage
nails over time.
• Ensure that your nails are dry, clean, and unpolished.
Uncap the Glycolic Prep pen applicator and twist the
bottom of the tube until a drop of liquid appears on the
tip. Apply a thin coat evenly across your nails. One pen
“twist” generally treats up to five nails.
• Carefully inspect your priming wand and find the surface
marked 1. Using this surface, brush your nails two to five
times. After a whitish layer appears, switch to surface 2
and brush your nails again two to five times. Finally, use
surface 3 to firmly buff your nails back and forth until your
nails display the desired luster and shine. USE ONLY
• Like with the Glycolic Prep pen, uncap the Deep Hydrating
Formula Pen and twist the tube end until the applicator
tip becomes moist. Apply the proprietary bioactive
liberally to your nails, cuticles, and surrounding skin.
• Repeat Step 03 as needed throughout the week for
instant nail and cuticle hydration.
Image HNS to help your whole body feel
healthy and attractive. Take Image HNS twice daily to
promote healthy hair, nails, and skin.
Register at for wholesale price.
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