The most convenient way for you to ensure that you never run out of your favorite products each month is to sign up on ADR. The program also offers you the following benefits:
• Products delivered to your doorstep every month
• Manage your account online 24/7
• Earn product points with each monthly delivery.
• Redeem ADR points for products, ADR shipping, specified sales aids and events.


Q) What is ADR and why should I join?
A) ADR, or Automatic Delivery Rewards, is a program where a Brand Affiliate or Customer can receive products monthly with special rewards. Incentives include ADR exclusive discounted product packages, discounted shipping rates, automatic monthly shipment on your date of choice, 10-30% product points on every order to purchase product, sales aids, event admission or standard ADR shipping in the future.



Q) What are the rewards of ADR?
A) Rewards include exclusive discounts on product packages, automatic monthly shipment on your date of choice, product points earned on qualified ADR products purchased on your ADR order to purchase product, sales aids, specified event admission and standard ADR shipping.


Only ADR orders with non-exempt products will earn points



Q) How does one enroll on ADR?
A) Enrollment can be completed over the phone, by mail/fax, at walk-in center, or by simply going online.



Q) Are there any requirements to create an ADR account?
A) Yes. The minimum value of an ADR order must be 50 PSV* in order to receive the ADR benefits. If the minimum value is not met, then the ADR simply becomes a regular reoccurring order without the ADR benefits. * PSV: Personal Sales Volume is the monthly Point Value of the products and services you purchase from the Company, primarily for retail sale or personal consumption.


Q) Can I have an ADR order ship more than once a month? 
A) Yes. Each member is allowed to sign up for as many ADR accounts as they please, but each ADR account may only have one shipment per month. You are only eligible for one set of rewards per US/ CA Identification number.  If you have multiple ADR shipments from one account you will designate the Primary ADR.



Q) Are there any restrictions to what product I can order on an ADR?

A) Yes. Some products and promotions are not available for purchase on ADR orders. You may place any individual product from the Nu Skin or Pharmanex brands on your ADR order or select from our exclusive ADR packages to receive an even better value. To view these packages, click here.


Q) How do I make changes to (manage) my ADR?
A) You can make changes to your ADR online or through the Call Center.


Q) By when do I need to make any changes to my ADR?
A) We recommend making any change at least 3 days before shipment (at least 5 days for Direct Debit payment options) to ensure that your change takes effect prior to your shipment.


Q) If the ship date falls on the weekend what happens and when do they ship?
A) If the ship date falls on a weekend or holiday, the order will be processed and shipped on the closest business day. (Saturday orders ship on Friday and Sunday orders ship on Monday)


Q) Will I be notified when my order ships?
A) Yes, an email confirmation is sent out every time your ADR ships, but you will also be notified 5 days prior to your ship date allowing you time to make any necessary adjustments to your order.


Q) How do I pay for my ADR?
A) Your ADR order is charged to the credit card or payment type you have placed on file.


Q) How do we manage credit cards on file?
A) You may manage it online by clicking on My Account, or you may contact your local Call Center or Walk-in Center.




Q) How do I cancel my ADR?
A) To cancel your ADR, please contact Customer Support at 1-800-487-1000, you cannot cancel your ADR online.


Q) Is there a cancelation fee?

A) No, there is no cancellation fee.


Q) Can I reactivate my ADR once I cancel?
A) Yes. You may reactivate your ADR once you cancel. But you will not retain the points that you had previously earned and will start over at month 1 benefits. If the ADR is reactivated within the same month as cancellation all benefits will be restored.


Q) Is there any documentation needed to cancel my ADR?

A) No, there is no documentation needed to cancel. You just need to contact your Call Center to do so.



Q) What can be managed online?
A) You can change the payment, addresses, order frequency, place an override, update the products on your monthly shipment and use points.


Q) How do I manage my account online?

A) To manage your ADR online, please click here for a tutorial.




Q) How are points earned?
A) Points are awarded monthly and are based off the ADR order PV amount (50 PV minimum). A total of 100 can be earned each month. A maximum of 1200 regular ADR Points can be earned on one ID at a time with points expiring on the 13th month after they were earned. The amount is determined by how long you have been on ADR:


·         10% – For all Bi-Monthly Orders

·         20% – On the first 12 monthly shipments

·         30% – Beginning on the 13th monthly shipment


Points do not factor into your monthly cap and are earned in addition to the 100 monthly maximum.



Q) Can I redeem my points in other countries?
A) No, you can only redeem points in the country that they were earned.


Q) How can I tell when my points are going to expire?
A) An expiration date will be shown online.


Q) If I return a product, will the points I earned be deducted?
A) Yes. The amount of points that product earned will be deducted from the total that the ADR account holder currently has.


Q) If I cancel my ADR, do I lose my points?
A) Yes. They will be deleted upon cancellation.


Q) Are there products that don’t earn points or aren’t redeemable with points?
A) Yes. All products will be a marked whether or not they earn or are redeemable with points.


Q) Are there any restrictions to what I can purchase with points?
A) Yes. You may purchase Nu Skin and Pharmanex products, excluding packages.  You may also use your points for specified sales aids, specified event admission or to pay for your monthly standard ADR shipping.



Q) How much is one point worth?
A) As points are earned based on the value of PV they are also redeemed based on the value of PSV. 1 point will equal one PSV. For those items without PSV a point value will be assigned and display when redeeming these items.


Q) When are my points awarded?
A) Product points are awarded on the first business day of each month for the previous month’s purchases.


Q) How can points be redeemed?
A) They can be redeemed over the phone, walk-in centers, or online through the redemption center. Points may only be redeemed when the entire price of a product may be redeemed with points.


Q) How can I see how many points I have available?
A) You can check online in the Manage Your ADR section. You will also be able to see points available, being earned, points redeemed, and points that are going to expire.


Q) Do I pay taxes and shipping costs when I use points?
A) Yes, on ADR, and on regular phone, online and Walk-in Center orders.


Q) Can I return a product that I purchased with points?
A) No, products purchased with product points are non-refundable.


Q) Can I redeem points at walk-in centers?
A) Yes, but handling fees may apply.


Q) Can I redeem points online?
A) Yes. You can redeem them on a one time order or on your ADR. There is no minimum PV required to use your points on either order, but taxes (depending on market) and shipping rates may apply.


Q) Can anybody else use my points?
A) Only you and someone that you give permission may use your points. To give someone permission, you will need to send in a letter with your signature stating that a specific individual has permission to use your points. This can be faxed or mailed to your market’s designated call center for documentation. Please contact for address or FAX number.



Q) Will my benefits and prices change? 
A) All prices and benefits will remain the same for products that are on your ADR when the new ADR program launches, as long as you don’t make changes to your current ADR at the time of the launch, you will be able to maintain your current benefits and pricing as long as the product continues to ship each month.  If for any reason your ADR order ships without the Grandfathered Price Item the grandfathered price will no longer be available.


Q) If I cancel my ADR, can I still get the Grandfathered Pricing?

A) No. When you are re-enrolled in ADR, you are automatically enrolled in the new ADR program with the new pricing.


Q) Will I still earn points on Grandfathered products?
A) Yes, you will still earn points on Grandfathered products as long as they remain on your ADR and ship each month.



Q) Will products remain the same price on my ADR order? 
A) Occasionally there will be an increase to the prices of Nu Skin products. You will be notified of these price increases 30 days in advance.



Q) What is a hold?
A) A hold is when your ADR order does not ship for a specified month.


Q) How do I put a hold on my ADR?

A) To put a hold on your ADR, you will need contact the Call Center or Walk-in Center.


Q) How many holds do I have per year?
A) You may put your ADR on hold up to 3 months/shipments per year.


Q) What will happen if I need to hold my ADR more than 3 times a year?
A) You will forfeit your ADR membership and will lose your benefits associated with that ADR.


Q) When I put my ADR on hold, does it stay on hold till I take it off?
A) ADR orders placed on hold will automatically resume after the hold period (maximum 3 months per year).


Q) How long is a hold?
A) A hold is a one month period.


Q) If I hold my ADR does it hold the other shipments under my account?
A) No. you have the option to hold all or specify which order to hold.



Q) What is an Override?
A) An override order is a new ADR order that will take the place of your existing ADR order for the current month. For example, if you normally have a monthly ADR order ship on the 20th of each month you can call in or go online an place an override order on the 12th with different product, different payment type and a different shipping address and have it replace your order scheduled to ship on the 20th. You will receive the same product discount and points that you would normally and your monthly shipment will simply be held until the next month.


Q) Does an Override change my order permanently?
A) No. An override does not change your order permanently.


Q) Do overrides affect my points?
A) No, override orders will not affect your points. You will still earn points off of your override order as you would from your normal ADR order.


Q) If I override my order, does that change my ship date permanently?
A) No. If you override your ADR order, your original ADR order will automatically resume the next month on your specified ship date.


Q) If I override my grandfathered priced products and don’t ship them each month will that impact my grandfathered pricing?

A) Yes. To keep your grandfathered pricing you must ship that product each month.  Holds do not impact your grandfathered pricing.



Q) What are Walk-in centers?
A) Walk-in centers are local offices where you may go to place or pick up your orders.


Q) Can I place my ADR at my Walk-in Center?
A) Yes, you may place you ADR order at the Walk-in Center, but handling fees may apply.



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