Keeping the skin hydrated and taking regular walks in nature. Fruit smoothies and green tea. In addition, it is necessary to keep your skin hydrated 24 hours a day and Sun protection.
Procedure and recommendation.
Concentrated vitamin C for your skin.Time 10/15 minutes in the morning on the skin
Daily green tea, without caffeine.Time 3 seconds in the morning and at lunch.
Fight with circles under the eyes.Time once a day for 5 seconds.
Skin hydration, the simplest solution.Time in seconds, once a day.
Sun protection, summer and winter.Time, minimum seconds per day.
Total investment per month around 100 USD per month investment note for the month is based on the assumption of consumption, some products are for 2/3 months.
Inspiration for you her :
You are not yet 51 years old.The inspiration in the post does not use the products of my recommendation.
It uses the same principles.
Warning. Inspirational Instagram post is only inspirational, it has nothing to do with my offer and my experience and knowledge.

Free Register Wholesale price. Sponzor ID Alexander Vasko SK5500064.

Order without registration here:
Order with payment obligation and is valid only for countries with the company’s seat in the country, where it has its operations

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