Calling all boys.

The key to youth is in our genes. As we age, the expression of our genes, or the way our genes communicate with our cells, changes. This can diminish our cells’ ability to function at their peak and affects our ability to feel young. When trillions of our cells feel sluggish, it’s no wonder that we can also feel worn down and tired.

The source of this decline starts deep inside each of our cells, as tiny cellular “power plants” called mitochondria convert the energy from our foods into a form of chemical energy that fuels our bodies. As we age, the efficiency and number of our mitochondria declines and energy production is unable to keep up with our bodies’ demands. The loss of vitality as we age is associated with age-related changes in the genes related to cellular energy production.

Think of the body as an incredibly intricate orchestra of genes. With an orchestra, you see and hear how each beautiful sound comes from groups of instruments to create the finished piece. Just as instruments in an orchestra play as a group, genes work in clusters—the youthful expression of each gene working harmoniously within the cluster. When the orchestra is in balance and in tune and all the sections are in perfect harmony, the result is a perfectly inspiring and beautiful musical piece.

No matter how well we try to maintain good lifestyle, as we stand, we breathe, our cells will still buildup toxic.
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