Minimalist house.

Today I learned one thing about breathing on fitness machines in the gym.If the iron on the fitness machine goes up, then exhale.But not about that today.Sign up today for a wholesale price,share, the founding and manufacturing company will do everything for you, including storage and distribution.The weekly money to your bank account and I will give you the goal of a minimalist house, without banks.Shipping containers made of COR-TEN, which is a group of steel alloys developed to withstand weathering, including sea water, for several years. The shipping industry started using the compound around 1972. Since the 1990s, Corten steel has become the standard in modern container manufacturing, and most containers are made of Cor-ten steel. Thanks to its robust construction, you can load a shipping container with up to 27 tons of cargo.You can put up to 8 such fully loaded containers on top of each other, so the bottom one can carry 189 tons in addition to its 27 tons.As we have already mentioned above, the most important thing is to solve the statics of the object when it is weakened, the second is the creation of such an insulating composition that excludes the formation of condensate or ensures the drainage of water created by condensation, prevents the penetration of heat and cold into the structure because metal is among the conductive materials, but this problem will be solved by thermal insulation from the inside and outside
The price of the first version is from 2022, the price of the house on your own is 73,000 EUR, the price of the office in the second version, the price of 2022 is 43,000 EUR.If you are not a builder, I will explain the details.Today the theme is to register, share and save for your home.

Free Register Wholesale price. Sponzor ID Alexander Vasko SK5500064.

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