Blood pressure and sex.

Your body is proteinaceous and every cell in your body follows the formula of 23 chromosons from your mother and your father. The cells are intellectual. This amino acid is the phone through which each cell in your body gives information to the brain what the cell needs, what its error is, or how it is today. The brain collects information and through systems in the body helps that cell, there is a virus, here I need this and now this. Everything runs great up to 35 years of life super, but chemical reactions and after 35 years of life, the transmission through L arginine is turned off.
Millions of people suffer from high blood pressure and related diseases.
Give lockdown time to correct your pressure. A unique combination of L-arginine and L-Citrulline , which is converted to nitric oxide by an enzymatic reaction. And then it starts a molecule of nitric oxide as if a signal molecule that gives an indication of the work of your blood vessels.

Video in German language.Click on the video settings at the bottom right,give a translation enter your language and subtitle the video in your native language.

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