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Cordyceps sinensis
Copyright laws prohibit the distribution of unpaid copies of the entire Zhu 1998 article; however, for your convenience
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Publication link:Zhu JS, Halpern GM, Jones K,. Scientific rediscovery of ancient Chinese herbal medicine:
rare ancient Chinese herbal regime: Cordyceps sinensis: part II. J Alternative supplement Med. 1998 Winter; 4 (4): 429-57.
Scientific discovery of a rare ancient Chinese herbal regime: Cordyceps sinensis: part II.

Cordyceps sinensis (Berk.) Sacc. is a time-honored tonic food and herbal medicine in China, where recent research has shown that many of its traditional uses may be viewed from the basis of pharmacological activities. The ongoing exploration of C. sinensis in its wild form and cultured, fermented mycelial products derived from it, are reviewed from English and Chinese literature. Part II concludes the series with a review of C. sinensis in preclinical in vitro and in vivo studies, and open-label and double-blinded clinical trials on the respiratory, renal, hepatic, cardiovascular, immunologic, and nervous systems, and its effects on cancer, glucose metabolism, inflammatory conditions, and toxicological studies. In Part I, which appeared in the Fall 1998 issue of this journal (4(3):289-303), we discussed the effects of C. sinensis on antisenescence, endocrine and sexual functions, atherosclerosis, hyperlipidemia, and free radicals.

Chinese long-term runners were recorded in the world record several times in 1993. This is because the coach advised her to supplement the fungi Cordycepsensis CS-4. Various nations are skeptical about the use of this mushroom in the maintenance of Chinese athletes. However, its use cannot be banned because it is not a stimulant. It is used and is the subject of extensive research by Olympic athletes from around the world.

“The fungus Cordyceps siensis is known for promoting vitality, but to this day there are scientific results, supported by observation through gene chips, that in humans, regular consumption of this fungus does restarts and returns to expression years ago, which results in changes in your skin, changes in the body and more sharpness in the brain. The fungus Cordyceps siensis has several dozen species, I’m talking about such a fungus, which comes with the consent of the Chinese government, due to its quality and uniqueness.Cordyceps siensis arises on a miraculous transformation.Cinsky mole of the genus Lepidoptera mava larvae of the genus Lepidoptera and they bury themselves in the ground for the winter.They attack them fungus cordyceps fungus kill the larva and take the body of the larva for its growth and from the head of the larva a head-shaped formation will set out above the ground, so that the fungus can be further multiplied by spores. An incredible transformation from larva to fungus will take place, during which the secret of vitality arises. Its price once measured by the weight of gold, today the price for four pieces is about 100 grams of 100 US dollars. “

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