Nu Biome

Gut check: intestinal unease getting you down? From aiding digestion to helping maintain your overall gut health, the microorganisms in your GI tract impact your wellness far beyond your stomach. Pharmanex Nu Biome helps support this vital intestinal balance with a powerful dual-action solution of pre- and postbiotics, plus a healthy boost of caffeine for added energy. All in a delicious powder mix-in, so you can quickly and conveniently support your intestinal microbiome and feel your best every day.
• Helps harness the benefits of a healthy microbiome through a dual approach using pre- and postbiotics.*
• Supports a healthy balance of good and bad bacteria for improved intestinal health.*
• Helps maintain healthy digestion.*
• Helps maintain healthy energy levels.*
• Supports your body’s important antioxidant network.*
• Free from artificial colors, flavors, and sweeteners.*

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.
How does Nu Biome support the antioxidant network?
Nu Biome contains a standardized whole fruit extract of Pomegranate that provides a high
concentration of polyphenols to support your antioxidant defense against oxidative stressors.
Antioxidants work together in the body – that’s why they are referred to as a network. These
antioxidants help to combat and neutralize a wide range of free radicals. Polyphenols are part of
this network to support our antioxidant defenses.
Why does Nu Biome contain caffeine?
Although the focus of the product is the microbiome and digestive health, we wanted to include
caffeine as a healthy source of energy to help people feel a difference. The digestive health
benefits may take some time to be realized, so the immediate energy benefit of caffeine may help motivate consumers to continue taking the product.
Is Nu Biome safe for children?
Nu Biome is formulated for adults ages 18+. We have not done studies on the effects of Nu Biome
on children. Due to the caffeine content, please consult a physician before giving Nu Biome
to a minor.
What are the sources of XOS and BPL1?
XOS is derived from corn cob. BPL1 was originally isolated from healthy humans and is produced
through a carefully controlled fermentation process.
Does Nu Biome help with leaky gut, IBS, IBD, gout, Chron’s, or other medical conditions?
Although Pharmanex products are carefully formulated to be safe and effective when used as
directed, they are not intended to be used to diagnose, treat, or cure any disease or medical
condition. Individuals with medical conditions are advised to consult a physician before using Nu
Biome or before starting any new dietary supplement.
Can I take Nu Biome and ProBio PCC together?
Yes! Nu Biome and ProBio PCC are great to take together. ProBio PCC is a living beneficial
microorganism that colonizes in the gut to support your wellness, providing complementary
support for a healthy microbiome. Nu Biome provides a powerful prebiotic that promotes
beneficial bacteria in the gut to support a healthy microbiome and improved intestinal health.
These products can each be taken on their own for their unique targeted digestive benefits or
together for more comprehensive support.
What is the difference between ageLOC Meta, ProBio PCC, and Nu Biome?
ageLOC Meta provides anthocyanins that help promote a healthy microbiome and ultimately help support metabolic health. ProBio PCC contains living beneficial microorganisms that colonize in the gut to support a protective immune response. Nu Biome provides a powerful prebiotic that promotes beneficial bacteria in the gut to support a healthy microbiome and improved intestinal health. All three of these products can be taken together or individually depending on the desired results.
What are some of the limitations of probiotics?
Not all probiotics are created equal. Probiotics can be beneficial, but they also have some
key limitations. Certain factors can limit the viability of a probiotic, including the acidity of
the product, the presence of other bacteria, processing and storage conditions, and resiliency
of the probiotic strain. Resilience refers to its ability to colonize the gut after passing through
the acidic environment of the stomach. Additionally, to be effective, probiotics need to have
excellent stability throughout the shelf life.
If I already take a probiotic, do I need to take Nu Biome too?
Probiotics work through a different mechanism than the ingredients in Nu Biome. A highquality probiotic (one that has excellent stability throughout its shelf life, survives passage
through the acidic environment of the stomach, colonizes in the lower digestive tract, and is
backed by clinical studies) provides beneficial bacteria that confer health benefits by colonizing
in the gut. Nu Biome works by providing prebiotics that act as fuel to support the growth
and activit.

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