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Kyle Gordy (30) @kylegordy1234
” Kyle previously shared how he keeps his sperm in “tip top” shape by eating more protein, such as fish and beans, as well as organic greens. Now, he’s switched up his diet and claims this has increased his sperm count. Kyle added : “I got my sperm count tests at 242 million per ml, which I couldn’t believe, as that’s up from my previous one in November.” I had 153 million per ml at that point and the average is 40 million, so I have six times the average.
“It’s proved my supplements, such as zinc, multivitamins and fish oil, as well as my diet are working.” I’m still figuring out what foods I can have that I’m able to enjoy, but are also good for fertility.
A man who has fathered multiple children across the globe has revealed the newest way he’s donating his “unbeatable” sperm after being inundated by requests from women. Kyle Gordy, 30, from California, US, is known online for his controversial hobby as a sperm donor and is the biological father of 50 children – with 15 more babies on the way – whom he says he “loves”.

My range of nutritional supplements and my results (55). 483.6 million per million. Kyle Gordy (30) is right, quality nutritional supplements also work for your offspring )

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