Topical skin care

Topical skin care products are used to improve skin health by keeping skin moisturized, protected from sun damage, and supporting skin recovery. In addition to applying topical products, skin health can be enhanced by eating a healthier diet or taking nutritional supplements. A nutritional supplement was formulated with fish oil, vitamin K2 and D, alpha-lipoic acid, co-enzyme Q10, quercetin, citrus bioflavonoids (naringin and hesperidin), d-limonene, resveratrol, carotenoids (lycopene, lutein and astaxanthin), purple corn extract and rosemary extracts to support skin protection and repair functions. A clinical study was designed with 40 subjects to evaluate the influence of the nutritional supplement on facial characteristics and photoprotection. Non-smoking subjects with Fitzpatrick skin types I and II were recruited for the study. A solar simulator was used in the assessment of the photoprotection capacity. Facial skin characteristics were evaluated by a board-certified dermatologist and instruments. Small sun-protected areas of study subject skin were irradiated with three UV doses, 1 minimal erythemal dose (MED), 2MED and 3MED. Erythema was measured by a dermospectrophotometer, with non-irradiated skin as a control. After 8 weeks of supplementation, there was a statistically significant decrease in skin erythema, while there was no change in the nonirradiated skin. Eight weeks of supplementation also improved facial skin radiance, texture and overall appearance with statistical significance. In addition to dermatological assessments, subjects self-evaluated their skin. By self-assessment, subjects felt their skin firmness was improved and that was confirmed by measuring skin elasticity with a cutometer. This study suggests that this nutritional supplement protects the skin and improves appearance.

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