The ownership of a traditional Czech brand ALPA lasting for more than 100 years.
It happened in 1805. Napoleon’s soldiers were leaving Vienna, which was occupied at that time, and they left there several barrels of a drink featuring a strong and highly aromatic fragrance – French cognac. Viennese people preferring sweet wines did not become supporters of this French national speciality. But later on they discovered the pleasant feeling and refreshing effects associated with rubbing into the skin. Empty barrels were then used for preparation of alcohol extracts of various herbs according to their fantasy and started to call it “embrocation”.

The basis of the embrocation recipe is an alcoholic solution of essential oils, volatile oils, fragrance substances, herbs and natural menthol.The embrocation series is further extended with other products on a similar basis. These are especially massage creams, gels and emulsions.
Recipe for your house.Dried lavender, 30 grams of dried flowers pour ALPA or alcol brandy).
Let it infuse in a closed container for two weeks.After two weeks, drain the mixture. Pour the liquid into a dark containerand acts against muscle cramps, full body massage, sleep massage (against headaches), cure of herpes, wound healing, abrasions and disinfection.

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