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Anne Chang, Stanford University

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“Skin antioxidant levels as well as blood metabolites may change as the human body ages1,2. Although the chronological aging process is unstoppable, the physical signs of aging, particularly characteristics of the skin, may be delayed through a variety of medical interventions such as topical medications or resurfacing lasers. It is not currently known whether skin carotenoid antioxidant levels correlate with skin aging characteristics, although studies with other antioxidants suggest this may be true 3. In addition, while selected blood metabolites correlate with changes in age2, we do not know if this correlates with skin changes. Our current study focuses on whether differences in skin carotenoid levels and blood metabolite levels correlate with skin aging characteristics in age-matched subjects. Furthermore, we will explore whether three months consumption with a commercial multi-nutrient formulation (LifePak Nano) affects metabolic markers of aging, skin aging characteristics including skin elasticity and transepidermal water loss. We will also examine whether smokers respond differently from nonsmokers in the above parameters after supplementation ” : Study Results

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