Karelia is not only a land of forests and lakes, it’s also a place where the unique, the only in the world, deposit of the natural mineral shungite is situated.
Shungite is an earth mineral of black colour with plumbagine gleam.
Shungite is called after a settlement Shunga that is in Karelia. This mineral electroconductive, adsorbtion active and has a bactericidal effect
According to some sourses shungite is 2 billion years old and the main shungite stock is on the territory of Zaonezhski peninsula and around the northern end of Onega lake. By now one Zagozhinskoe deposit with a 35 mln ton stock has been explored.
Schungite is used as a filter element in water filters as well as for producing medical.
Shungite is the only mineral on Earth containing fullerenes. This is the type of molecular form of carbon with atomic number C60. Due to their special structure, fullerenes have a number of unique physical and chemical properties.
Fulleren is the most powerful and long-acting antioxidant and at the same time a universal sorbent.
Scientists won the 1996 Nobel Prize for the discovery of fullerenes. Grigory Andrievsky, a doctor of bioorganic chemistry, was one of the first Russian scientists (who worked at the Institute of Therapy of the Ukrainian Academy of Medical Sciences) to prove that the specific properties of shungite are due to the presence of fullerenes. His goal was to research the healing water that springs from shungite deposits in northwestern Russia.

Based on his research, he claimed that the water passing through the shungite deposits at Lake Onega is enriched with fullerenes and that aqueous solutions of natural fullerenes are among the strongest antioxidants known today. These natural fullerenes have the ability to reduce the concentration of free radicals like no other antioxidant and their effect is stronger and longer lasting. Grigory Andrievsky also concluded that natural fullerenes normalize cellular metabolism, stimulate tissue regeneration, increase the body’s resistance, have anti-inflammatory properties and act against toxins in the body.
( instructions for making your own antioxidant-rich Shungite water, it is important to be aware that most Shungite sold today is not Shungite per se, but Shungite slate or Shungite-containing rock, which though considerably cheaper to purchase, is also proportionately much lower in carbon and the all important fullerene molecules. Shungite slate looks very similar to common charcoal and is dull black in colour. The true, pure Shungite to which I refer is often known commercially as Silver, Elite or Noble Shungite.)
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