ReishiMax protects the liver and improves liver functions in an experimental hepatitis model

Conference: The Experimental Biology 2004At: Washington DCVolume: FASEB J. 2004; 18(4): A999 (650.7)
Wen-Chuan Lin
Yue-Wen Wu
Ming-Chun Xie
Jia-Shi Zhu
Qinghai University

Literature reported that Reishi (Ganoderma lucidum) is capable of protecting liver. This study is to examine the liver protective functions of ReishiMax (RM), a proprietary product containing both extract of G. lucidum fruit body and cracked spores of G. lucidum (Pharmanex). We used a CCl4 (20%, 0.5ml/rat)-induced liver injury rat model. RM was given daily to rats at a dose of 208, 624, 1664 mg/kg by gavage, starting one week prior to CCl4 injection, and continuously after CCl4 injection for 8 weeks to the end of experiment. CCl4 injection caused liver injuries in the vehicle control group, featuring increase in serum GOT and GPT, liver collagen, and spleen weight, decreases in serum albumin and liver total protein. RM supplementation reduced the transaminases (p<0.05~0.01) and liver collagen (p<0.01); prevented the reductions of serum albumin (p<0.05) and liver total protein (p<0.05); reduced spleen weight (p<0.05). Histopathology examination showed apparent improvement of liver structure in RM-treated rats. Our results demonstrated that RM protects the liver from chemical injuries, improves liver functions, and prevents injury-associated liver fibrosis/cirrhosis. (A research grant provided by Pharmanex)

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