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Clinical Studies
In clinical studies, Reishi extracts have been shown to increase levels of T-cell counts, CD4/CD8 ratio, cytokine IL-2, complement C3 and immunoglobulin G, lower levels of T-suppressor cell counts, improve vigor and appetite, and shorten recovery time (Kupin 1992, Yang 1996).* An open-label, comparative study evaluated the health benefits of Reishi supplementation in 48 individuals. Compared to controls, immune cell proliferation was improved. No adverse effects were seen with Reishi administration (Kupin 1992). Another open-label, comparative clinical study evaluated the health benefits of Reishi supplementation in 37 subjects. After six weeks, the values for debility and weakness were lowered by 53.6%. Their lymphoid transformation rate increased, and levels of IL-2, complement C3, and immunoglobulin G were significantly higher after supplementation with Reishi (p<0.05) (Yang 1996).

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