Nu Skin developed a novel hair care system that includes a shampoo and conditioner and a scalp serum used with Galvanic currents to help promote a healthy scalp for beautiful, fuller hair.
Nu Skin Research and Development commissioned a third-party testing house to clinically evaluate the use of ageLOC® Nutriol® Scalp and Hair Shampoo, ageLOC® Nutriol® Scalp and Hair Conditioner, and ageLOC® Nutriol® Intensive Scalp and Hair Serum with the Galvanic
Spa® II ageLOC® Edition to ascertain efficacy. Males and females between the ages of 30–70 years of age with self-described thin hair and/or damaged hair were recruited. Fifty-two subjects completed the evaluation—36.5% (19) males and 63.5% (33) females. Subjects were instructed to use the shampoo and conditioner in place of their current shampoo and conditioner and use them according to their current cleansing and care routine. They were also to use the scalp serum with the Galvanic Spa II ageLOC Edition on setting five morning and night after cleansing, when applicable. Subjects were evaluated at the testing house at baseline, month one, two, three, four, five, and six. At each of these time points, clinical assessment (tactile and visual) and a self-perception questionnaire were conducted on various hair characteristics. At baseline, month two, four, and six, Brush Friction Count Method (BFCM) was also conducted to evaluate the number of broken or damaged hairs. This involves brushing each subject’s hair with moderate force using a standardized large paddle brush at a set rate. Hairs are removed from the brush, and evaluated under magnification to identify and quantify broken or damaged hairs.
The clinical grader evaluated the look and feel of hair and reported statistically significant changes from baseline for all parameters evaluated in as early as one month. These benefits continued to improve throughout the six-month study with both volume and softness having more than a 100% improvement over baseline by the study end. Subjects were also asked about their hair fall throughout the study. Hair goes through a cycle of growth, fall, and rest. Optimal scalp health can prolong the growth phase and thereby reduce the amount of hairs in the falling stage. Additionally, nourishing products like shampoo and conditioner can reduce breakage and impact perceived hair fall. Up to 65% of subjects at month five felt that the daily number of hairs
falling decreased. This would result in hair volume feeling as though it improved. The Brush Friction Hair Count illustrated the hair strengthening benefits of the system as there were less broken hairs removed during brushing throughout the study The ageLOC® Nutriol® Scalp and Hair System, under the conditions of the study, illustrated benefits per the clinical grader in hair attributes including thickness, volume, shine, softness, and healthy hair appearance. Similarly, nearly all subjects reported improvements in thickness, volume, shine, and healthy look. The Brush Friction Hair Count Method also showed a reduction in broken hairs throughout the study.
The system effectively improved the feel and appearance of hair.

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