Help your DNA

We’ve all heard of DNA – a molecule that carries our unique genetic code. In our body, there are 20,000 – 25,000 genes. Our genes hold the instructions for making all proteins in our body, like a recipe book. The term “Gene expression”, is simply how our genes communicate with our cells. Our genes are inherited from our parents and they cannot be changed. That being said, certain factors have been found to influence gene expression; geneticists are beginning to understand how the environment, diet, lifestyle, and natural ingredients impact gene expression to influence characteristics such as how we age. The most advanced anti-aging supplements developed based on gene expression science. ageLOC Y-Span activates vital aging defense mechanisms to combat aging aggressors; ageLOC R2 optimizes each cell’s natural purification process and energy production. Together, they deliver comprehensive anti-aging benefits on a daily basis, bringing you more youthful years.
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