Anti-Angiogenesis and Weight Loss Properties of Tegreen in A DIO-Metabolic Syndrome X Model

Author for Correspondence Jia-Shi Zhu, MD, PhD Department/Institution: Clinical Pharmacology, Pharmanex Address: 75 W. Center Street, Pharmanex Research Institute (Phx Lab)City/State/Zip/Country: Provo, UT, 84601, United States


“Numerous studies demonstrated previously biological properties of antioxidant green tea in promoting longevity in humans, anti-cancer, inhibiting angiogenesis in cancer models, etc. We examined the effects of Tegreen, a green tea extract product containing >97% tea polyphenols or 65% tea catechins, in suppressing VEGF, reducing body weight, and improving glucose and lipid metabolism in rats having diet-induced obese and Metabolic Syndrome X. After 6 weeks on a high-calorie diet, female rats developed obesity, and were randomized to receive either placebo or Tegreen (25, 75, 250 mg/kg) for 8 weeks by gavage. They were examined for their body weight weekly, and at the end of the study, fasting blood glucose (FBG), insulin (Ins), triglycerides (TG), Glucagon (Glca), adiponectin (AN), and VEGF. Weight of abdominal fat pad around uterus and kidneys (AFI) and ratio of Ins/Glca (RIG) suggested a balance of fat deposition and burning. We found reductions of body weight with Tegreen at the high dose (-15%, p=0.003), associated with a 29.8% reduction of serum VEGF (p<0.001). Tegreen reduced FBG (-16 22%, p=0.004), TG (-31 54%, p=0.006) and AFI (- 12 22%, p=0.011), increased FBG-Ins index (a measure of Ins sensitivity; +20 26%, p=0.002) and decreased ratio of Ins/Glca (-46 69%, p=0.037). Our studies demonstrate that Tegreen is capable of suppressing serum VEGF, reducing body weight and body fat, and improving glucose-lipid metabolism in the nutritional obese-Syndrome X model. These data suggest that in addition to its significance in anti-cancer pharmacology, the inhibition of angiogenesis by antioxidant Tegreen is apparently of nutritional and therapeutic importance in treating Metabolic Syndrome X and obesity.”

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