CordyMax™ Cs-4 Improves Glucose Metabolism

Publication reference:
Zhu JS, Yin WT, Nicodemus KJ, Zhao CS, Baker, C, Wang JY. CordyMax Cs-4 improves glucose metabolism. FASEB
Journal Meeting Abstracts, 2001; 15: Abstract# 753.
Pharmanex, Brisbane, CA and Fit Stop Human Performance Laboratory, Encinitas, CA.
Cordyceps preparation used by Zhu et al. in their 2001 study: CordyMaxCs-4 [Pharmanex (Provo, UT)]
CordyMax™ Cs-4 Improves Glucose Metabolism

Preliminary reports demonstrated that 6-wks treatment of a natural fermentation product of a specific mycelial strain of
Cordyceps sinensis (CordyMax™ Cs-4) increased maximal O2 uptake and anaerobic threshold in older humans (>57 yr), and
enhanced in vivo bio-energy metabolisms in animals (Med. Sci, Sports Exerc. 1999; 31(5): Sl74 & S120). We further studied in a
randomized, double-blind clinical trial the effect of Cs-4 (4.5 g/day, 6 wks) in highly-fit athletes on glucose (Glu) metabolism.
Male adventure racers and multi-sport endurance athletes (age 32+4 yrs; VO2peak 63±8 ml/kg/min) were assigned to either a
Cs-4 or a control group (n=15 each). We found 7% decrease within normal ranges in fast blood Glu after the Cs-4 therapy
(92±1 to 87±2 mg/dL; p<0.0 l), but no change in placebo controls. During prolonged sub-maximal exercise (70% VO2peak, 60
min), reductions of respiratory exchange ratio were found in the Cs-4 vs. control group (p=0.02). In mice given Cs-4 for 4 wks,
responses of serum insulin and C-peptide to an oral Glu load were diminished and recovered quickly vs. control group (p<0.01
or 0.05) with no change in the Glu tolerant curve. The Glu-insulin index was lower in the Cs-4 (7±l x105 units) vs. control group
(10±1 xl05) (p<0.01). Our data suggest that Cs-4 (1) safely lowers basal glucose in normal humans, (2) improves glucosemetabolism by enhancing insulin receptor sensitivity, and (3) enhances fat mobilization and beta-oxidation thereby sparing

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