Alkaline Drinking Water

One of the ways to maintain a healthy pH value in the body is to drink so-called alkaline water, which supports the maintenance of an alkaline environment in the body.
To prepare it, you will need:
3 to 4 cm ginger cuttings
1 dcl fresh mint leaves
1 lemon
1/2 cucumber
filtered water

1) Clean the ginger and cut it into smaller slices.
2) Rinse the mint leaves under running water.
3) Then clean the lemon and cucumber well and also slice them. You can leave the peel on the lemon and the peel on the cucumber if you want.
4) Now put all the ingredients in a jug and pour water over them.
5) Let the water stand for a while (30 minutes to 1 hour). Then you can start drinking it.
After adding water during the first 24 hours, the same ingredients can be used, just refill them with water. Replace the ingredients with fresh ones after 24 hours.
Drink this alkaline water regularly instead of the regular water or beverages you used to drink during the day.
All the ingredients in this recipe are extremely healthy.
Source: zdravi4u

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