“While most individuals focus on the appearance of facial skin aevidence of an ageing appearance, the skin on the body can also make individuals appear older than they are. The unsightly appearance of fat and cellulite contributes to an older perceived age. The etiology of cellulite is complex, multifactorial and not completely understood. Many attempts have been made to define cellulite − often incorrectly − with no adequate explanation. Cellulite is a term used to describe a visible, physical change seen frequently in women and only rarely in men. The characteristic appearance is one of an undulating skin surface associated with increased fatty deposits. About 80-90% of women either have or will have cellulite. An understanding of cellulite requires an appreciation of the physiology of adipose and connective tissues. The development of cellulite is a complex condition involving a regional distribution of fatty tissue. One cause of cellulite is the reduction of capillary blood flow. Decreased circulation slows down lipid metabolism and tends to increase interstitial fluid, highlighting the appearance of the cellulite by aggravating fatty mass, creating a dimpling effect. Cellulite is essentially a migration of part of the superficial and deep fat into the dermis. Another underlying cause of cellulite is weakened connective tissue. The fascia, weakened by collagenase (an enzyme that breaks down collagen), can no longer structurally contain the fat mass, so it eventually pushes upward toward the skin surface, producing a wavy surface. As the space expands in the fatty layer due to movement of the fat mass, the remaining fat cells enlarge to maximum capacity. Fat cells produce oestrogen, which stimulates the fibroblast to produce more collagenase, thus setting up a detrimental cycle. Not only is it complex, but the appearance of fat and cellulite is a difficult cosmetic target. Thus, pairing the topical application with technology that assists with delivery to the skin can increase the impact on skin appearance. Additionally, carefully screening ingredients to identify those that target both the signs and sources of an ageing appearance could increase the overall effectiveness of the finished products. The following study evaluates the effectiveness of a system of products created to decrease the appearance of fat and cellulite that can contribute to an aged appearance.”

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