7 years of research

What is Metabolism?

Metabolism is the set of life-sustaining chemical processes in the body,

including the conversion between food and energy, development of building blocks

and energy storage, and elimination of cellular waste.

Metabolism Indicator

Metabolic health is so much more than just the conversion of food to energy,

it is our body’s biochemistry in a metabolic network that impacts key indicators, like…


Metabolism Health Spectrum

In this always-on world, modern lifestyle like working crazy hours,

staying up late and getting up early, eating on the run

and stresses throwing our body chemistry out of sync.

Unhealthy lifestyle affects our body such as:

Healthy vs Unhealthy Metabolism

Metabolic health isn’t only impacted by what we eat and our physical activities,

it also impacts how our body responds to these lifestyle factors.

In a recent research of blood glucose level after eating food high in sugar content,

people with healthy metabolism shows a more stable control in blood glucose level. &

Metabolic unhealthy brings negative impacts to our body, such as:

Unhealthy metabolism can lead to

Metabolic Syndrome

Metabolic syndrome is an alert of unhealthy metabolism,

which mostly comes from unhealthy lifestyle.

When abnormal index happens to blood glucose, blood pressure,

lipid and waist measurements, one may suffer from metabolic syndrome,

and the chances they get serious diseases are 3 times

more than people with healthy metabolism.

Anthocyanins Unrivalled Metabolic
Health Science by Nu Skin

Backed by 7 years of groundbreaking, exclusive-to-Nu Skin research,

we discovered a powerful ingredient – Anthocyanins,

which can target the sources that impact metabolic health,

and help shift your body towards a healthier metabolic state.

Anthocyanins are vibrant blue-purple colors and red pigments

in selected fruits and vegetables. We normally get only 1/8 out of the target daily dose

through diet alone#, which is not enough to bring the body to a healthy metabolic state.

2 Types of Powerful Anthocyanin

Among different anthocyanins, Cyanidin & Delphinidin

are the most effective types in protecting cells

from inflammatory-induced damages.*

Black currants, bilberries and black rice are rich in Cyanidin and Delphinidin.

The anthocyanin inside these foods bring us with significant biochemistry benefits.

The Unique Blend for Extraordinary Benefits

Helps enhance microbiome+

Helps improve anti-oxidant defence

Helps maintain healthy blood glucose

Helps support a healthy inflammatory balance /
immune activity

Helps support core metabolism

Helps support vital organs health
(including liver and heart)

Research results of Anthocyanins

1. Enhance Gut Health

Anthocyanins help promote a healthy microbiome

for better gut health.+

2. May Assist in Stabilizing Blood Sugar

After having a high fat meal, people who took the anthocyanin blend

showed a less increase in blood glucose level,

it means his/her blood glucose level is more stable.~

After intake of anthocyanin-prebiotic blend for 8 weeks,

HbA1c (average level of blood sugar over 3 months)

is statistically significant improved  to a healthier level.+

3. Support inflammatory balance

After taking anthocyanin blend, intestinal permeability

is improved immediately with lowered plasma endotoxins level,

hence results in healthier mice.~

4. Improve Liver Health

Experiment shown that high fat diet increases fat cells in liver tissue (picture 1) ,

while taking anthocyanins, fat cells in liver are obviously less than the high fat group (picture 2)

and resulted in liver tissue that looked much more like the control group (picture 3).%

5. Shift Body to a Healthier Metabolic State  

After taking anthocyanin blend, metabolic way and

biochemistry of the body looks alike those of a person with healthy lifestyle.

It proves that anthocyanin blend can shift the body to a healthier metabolic state.!

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