70% of the human immune system is localized in the digestive tract.

Why is ProBio PCC™ unique?
ProBio PCC™ has been developed through scientific and analytical methods to ensure the product meets label claims for live cultures (CFUs) at the end of shelf life, a more valid indicator of efficacy than claiming number of live cultures at manufacturing. Pharmanex’s unique strain of Lactobacillus was isolated from a Swedish woman who showed an extraordinary resilience to undesirable organisms. This unique patent-pending strain of Lactobacillus calledLactobacillus fermentum has the ability to survive passage through the harsh environment of the stomach and has the ability to colonize in the intestine. Pharmanex has established an exclusive agreement with the supplier of L. fermentum PCC, making this unique strain proprietary to our company. This patent-pending strainofLactobacillus bacteria has ten patents filed to date. In developing ProBio PCC,™
Pharmanex has followed the probiotic guidelines as established by the FAO/WHO expert consultation for pH survival, colonization, identity, and dosing.

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