CordyMax® Cs-4® formula

Our exclusive CordyMax® Cs-4® formula is recognized in China as the fermented Cordyceps mushroom product offering health benefits most comparable to the rare and protected wild mushroom of the Tibetan high plateau. Over 15 years of extensive scientific research resulted in this Cs-4® strain. In fact, CordyMax® Cs-4® has been placed under intellectual property protection. CordyMax® Cs-4® is manufactured according to the 6S Quality Process The mushroom Cordyceps sinensis, which produces the proprietary active ingredient in CordyMax® Cs-4® , has a rich, two thousand year history. For generations, Cordyceps sinensis has been considered the premier agent in the Chinese culture for restoring energy, promoting longevity and improving the quality of life. This natural material is extremely rare. The mushroom grows primarily on the Tibetan plateau at altitudes above 14,000 feet and takes five to seven years to complete its life cycle and produce the natural product. Due to the scarcity and high price of Cordyceps sinensis, its use was reserved exclusively for the Emperor’s Palace. For twothousand years, Cordyceps sinensis was virtually unknown in the Western world.

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