Sexual desire

” Aging is characterized by a gradual loss in physical and mental function starting at 30-40 years of age. The purpose of this study was to compare a novel combination of Cordyceps sinensis, pomegranate extract, and Panax ginseng (TRT) to control (CNTL) formula regarding physical, mental, and sexual desire. Healthy males and female subjects (n=116) were recruited to participate in a prospective, double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled trial that lasted 60 days. Subjects were randomized into a control (n= 56; CNTL) or treatment (n= 60; TRT) groups and stratified by age and gender. Mental (MCS) and physical (PCS) wellbeing were measured by validated questionnaires. Other measurements included blood chemistry measurements,
skin carotenoid concentrations, and adverse events. There were n=48 in CNTL and n=47 in TRT groups that completed the study. No differences were detected in the mean scores for (PCS=CNTL;-0.47, TRT;-0.08) or (MCS=CNTL;0.32, TRT;-1.98) and sexual desire between groups nor between age. There was a strong trend towards higher skin carotenoid concentrations in the TRT group (P=0.052). There was no difference between groups for adverse events or blood chemistry. The TRT formulation appears to be safe. We were unable to detect differences in physical, mental, and sexual desire as seen in animal studies presumably because this population was so healthy and didn’t show an age related decline. There was an interesting finding that subjects consuming the TRT formulation experienced a trend towards higher skin carotenoid concentrations and warrants further investigation in a population which has age-related decline in physical, mental, sexual decline, or experiencing greater oxidative stress. Research was supported by Nu Skin Enterprises, Provo Utah”

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