Evaluation of extracts

Evaluation of extracts containing Red Clover in the development of a scalp treatment
system targeting hair loss and hair damage
Brian Cook,1 Jin Namkoong, Melanie Riggs, Kara C. Holley, Dale Kern, and Helen E. Knaggs
Center for Anti-Aging Research, Nu Skin Enterprises, Inc., Provo, UT, United States

” Hair loss and hair disorders are common conditions affecting millions around the globe. The causes are
complex and not fully understood but links to genetics, lifestyle, intrinsic aging, and environmental
impact are all suggested. Prevalence is known to increase with age and response to treatment is
notoriously variable. Treatments have a global market value of $2.5 billion (USD) driven by increasingly
long and healthy lifespans, emphasis on aesthetic appearance, and the emotional distress experienced
by patients. In-vitro models such as dermal papilla cells (DPC) from hair follicles are powerful tools for
screening ingredients for hair growth promoting activities and inhibitory effects while also providing
insight into possible mechanistic actions at the cellular level. We screened several ingredient blends
containing either panthenol or licorice extract using the DPC model with three different sources of Red
Clover Flower Extract. A comparison of the gene expression datasets with statistically significant fold
change values ≥ 1.5 show unique influences by each extract blend. Using the DPC models to guide
ingredient selection, a treatment serum was formulated and tested in 6-month (n=52) in-vivo human
clinical studies using subjects with self-described thinning or damaged hair. Qualitative effects to the
subject’s hair and scalp were evaluated by independent clinical grading vs. baseline. Results showed
statistically significant (p≤0.05) improvements in several categories including volume and scalp
coverage. Analysis of broken and intact hair counts from Brush Friction Hair Count Method and Macro
Photography of a 2×2 cm area also show statistically significant improvement of 71.7%, 80.8%, and
31.5% respectively after 6 months. Of note, the percentage of positive responders reported by an
independent clinical grader and self-perception was >80% and >90% respectively.”

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