ageLOC R2 Day Conserved 57% Muscle Glycogen

ageLOC R2 Day Conserved 57% Muscle Glycogen compared to non-treatment group Data shown below from gastrocnemius tissue. Methods: Female ICR mice (8 and 18 months of age) were fed either control or ageLOC R2 Day blend containing Cordyceps Cs-4, Panax ginseng (PG), and Pomegranate Fruit Extract (PFE). After two weeks of Cs4+PG+PFE supplementation, glycogen content of gastrocnemius was tested. Results: In mice, treatment with Cs4+PG+PFE spared glycogen in gastrocnemius muscle (p=0.003). These results demonstrate that targeting the genetic basis of the aging process (changes in gene expression), can yield powerful anti-aging benefits. This work
indicates that a blend of Cs4+PG,+PFE can alleviate some of the physical symptoms of age-related vitality loss. ageLOC R2 Day Improves Mental Acuity .Results of a ageLOC R 2 Day pilot study showing potential for improvement in mental acuityIn a human cognitive study, male and female human subjects aged 28–50 were randomized into four independent arms (n=10/group): 1. Positivecontrol : 200mg Phosphatidylserine DHA , 300mg Bacopan, 30mg Vinpocetine (Gold); 2. ageLOC R 2 Day blend: 2270 mg/day (Cs-4+PG+PFE ); 3. Placebo: mono-crystalline cellulose, caramel color; 4.Nosupplementation.
Subjects underwent cognitive testing (designed by twice a week for 12 weeks. Parameters measured: 3-choice reaction time, short term memory, executive function, information processing, pattern recognition, and working memory. The six scores were averaged to generate a Composite Cognition Index (CCI). In humans, treatment with Cs4+PG+PFE (ageLOC R 2 blend) improved overall cognitive function by 20%
(as measured by the CCI), and improved reaction time by 110 ms (14%) vs. placebo (p<0.05).

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