Brand Affiliate (payment 0.00 EUR)

No purchase domain and web hosting, the first administrative steps for your blog.
Partnering with as a Brand Affiliate is an opportunity rich with potential. The Nu Skin brand is synonymous with quality, innovation and demonstrating our unique difference.
Joining the Nu Skin team allows you to advance your business by selling clinically proven products that are different from anything else on the market.

Enjoy a Sharing Bonus on most Products that generally ranges between 5% to 15% on Products purchased by your Registered customers (except Brand Representatives) directly from Nu Skin. Sharing Bonuses will generally be reflected in your Velocity Account within 1 business day in bank within 7 business day

Step by Step

  1. Free Registration Wholesale Price, BRAND AFFILIATE Sponsor ID Alexander Vasko SK5500064.
  2. Buy products on for your own use without quantity and type restrictions at wholesale price
  3. I will prepare your blog WordPress
  4. I will give the first 6 blog posts, then you will continue
  5. Database of photos for your e-mail in the number of 100 pieces, social networks
  6. Access your site’s data, offers, and passwords via email
  7. Instructions on how to write a blog, photos and videos
  8. Your posts on social networks facebook, twitter, lindenkin, trumbl, instagram, … and you write a blog, it’s already your online store
  9. Earn 2,000 points and earn the title of Brand Representative
  10. I support your future customers and your future distributors
  11. Send your ID and bank account to
  12. Confirm your LOI intent on the website, log in to the website, name and password – click top right hello – click My Workspace – click View in Volumes & Genealogy- LOI confirmation
  13. Track your daily money on, log in to the site, name and password – click top right hello – click My Workspace – click View in Volumes & Genealogy- Commissions
    It’s easy, even without programming knowledge.

(Purchase a domain and paid web hosting, plus an e-shop and the first administrative steps for your e-shop and blog. In this case 156.90 EUR without VAT)

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