LifePak on human skin carotenoids

Study reference:

Bi SX, Li CL, Guo HW, Poole SL, Zhu JS. The effects of life styles and LifePak on human skin carotenoids
scores measured by resonance Raman spectroscopy BioPhotonic Scanner. FASEB Journal 2007;21(4):A709.

“ABSTRACT This study was to assess the effects of life styles and dietary supplement LifePak on human skin carotenoids measured by BiophotonicScanner using a non-invasive Resonance Raman Spectroscopy (RS)technique. We examined skin carotenoids of 88,721 volunteers, and monitored changes in skin carotenoids as a function of life styles and in response to daily consumption of fruits, vegetables, and dietary supplement LifePak. RS skin carotenoids scores are closely, positively correlated with serum carotenoids determined by use of HPLC (r2=0.704, p<0.001). Non-tobacco users and subjects with less sunlight exposure had significantly higherscores than those for current or former tobacco users or peoplewith high level sunlight exposure (p<0.001). The higher theBMI, the lower the scores (p<0.001), indicating diluted fat-soluble carotenoids in the body as a function of increased body fatmass. We found that the more daily consumption of fruits-vegetables and dietary supplements, the higher the scores (p<0.01).Daily LifePak intake increased the RS scores by 24% at Week 4 and by 44% at Week 8 (p<0.001). In conclusion, RS skin carotenoids scores reflect the steady state levels of antioxidant carotenoids in human skin. Fruits-vegetables intake and LifePaksupplementation increase antioxidant capacity in human body,but tobacco use and sunlight exposure reduce it”

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