Energy and Vitality

On average, however, we survive in diseases for our lives from 10 to 14 years. The top right is that everyone is different, but almost everyone has the disease in the last 2/3 of life.Tajomstvo as predict is the ratio of omega 3 and omega 6 and polyphenols. The correct and recommended omega 6 and omega 3 ratio is 4: 1 but the average results are somewhere 40: 1 in the better 25: 1 cases. This ratio actually determines the fluidity of the cell membrane and hence the ability of the cell to absorb nutrients and get rid of toxins. Poor ratio, poor permeability of memebrants and begin inflammatory things in the body, which sooner or later manifest themselves in heart disease, liver or pluc.Ja need to take care of their cell membranes by adding omega 3, the most common fish oil and fish and to the recommended and correct weight of 500/600 mg per day. The only remark to choose omega 3, you must choose what oils, fish and from what marine environment due to the toxicity in the seas and oceans.
In case you understand the permeability of membranes you can approach the investments in your cells, in your body’s power plant in mitochondria. From the mundane money and company bonding to understand the principles of aging.It’s easy to do, we are all aging, but art is aged with as few diseases and naturally as possible. Science of gene expression and science of gene chips research and helping to find nutritional supplements that really work and help to return your gene expression to 5/10 years back. More energy and more vitality. to find a good solution to your vitality and here’s the result. The press combination found that old China was right and a combination of Chinese Cordyceps Sinensi, pomegranate and zensen Asian is the answer. Of course not Cordyceps sinensin and not any combination of those As a result, your physical performance increases by 63 percent within 4-5 weeks of endurance, the endurance capacity increases by 11 perce. nt and mental acuity will increase by 20 percent plus sexual health. The results are supported by scientific studies, but it would take another 5 pages of citations, so at the request of the study line you will get.
Cordyceps sinensin is a millennium known to promote vitality, but nowadays there are scientific results, supported by observation through gene chips, that indeed, by regularly consuming this fungus, gene expression is changing, by writing to restart, protein formation to restart Cordyceps sinensin has several dozen species, here I am talking about a mushroom that comes with the approval of the Chinese government, for its quality and excellence.Cordyceps sinensin emerges on a miraculous transformation.Cinsky moth Lepidoptera mava larvae of Lepidoptera genus and they are buried in the winter winter.They attack the fungus cordyceps fungus kills the larvae and takes the larvae body for their growth and head larvae warheads form above the ground, so that the fungus with spores can reproduce further.There will be an incredible transformation from larvae to fungus, which creates the secret of vitality.Jej price once measured by the weight of gold, today is the price of four pieces, about 100 grams of 100 US dollars.
If you are an athlete, recreational, or top, if the manager is challenging every day, if you are a woman who needs more energy for her family responsibilities, or someone who often and a lot flies on airplanes check out my offer and get help in a combination of Cordyceps Siensis, pomegranate and zensen Chinese.

Alexander Vasko

Marine Omega + R2 Day

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