My offer is not diet. Food diet are unsustainable. Food diet lose fat but stracas also muscles and stracas in muscle motor metabolism.
My offer is the latest knowledge on metabolism through the scientific results of gene expression with the help of gene chips. As a result of gene expression are proteins and you also have to find a product that increases muscles through metabolism and at the same time lowers fat.
This is essential not only for overweight, it is essential even if you work busy and lose energy and metabolism fast food diet.
It is important not only if you are obese, not only when you work out, but also when you increase age.After 20 years to 50 years of life you will decrease your metabolism by 60/90 percent.Age you also lose muscle mass about 1 percent in 5 years, but after 50 years of life, your muscle mass decreases 1 percent every year, so until your 60 years of life 10 percent of muscle mass is lost.
Through gene chips they made recipes and tried what works and what doesn’t work, and if you have obesity, if you’re busy and if you’re coming to see my offer to replace one portion of food a day at ……., you’ll be in control of metabolism, muscles and help you maintain muscle mass and even shape your body simply and inexpensivel
alexandervasko.com MBAR platform antiaging


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