ReishiMax (RM)

Literature reports indicate that Ganoderma has a protective effect on the liver. The purpose of this study was to explore the hepatoprotective effects of ReishiMax (RM) Super Ganoderma. RM is a patented product (PHARMANEX) containing Ganoderma lucidum fruiting body and wall breaking spore extract. We used CCI4-induced (20%, 0.5 ml / rat) rat model of liver injury for experiments. We administer daily doses of 208, 624 or 1664 mg / kg for experimental rats. The feeding time starts from 1 week before CCI4 injection and continues to 8 weeks after CCI4 injection (the end of the experiment). CCI4 injection caused liver damage in the vehicle control group, which was characterized by an increase in serum GOT / GPT, liver collagen, and spleen weight index, and a decrease in serum albumin and total liver protein indexes. RM supplementation reduced the transaminase (p <0.05 ~ 0.01) and liver collagen (P <0.01) indexes; prevented the decline of serum albumin (P <0.05) and total liver protein (P <0.05) indexes; and reduced The spleen weight was increased (P <0.05). Histopathological examination showed that liver tissue of rats treated with RM improved significantly. Our results prove that RM Super Ganoderma protects the liver from chemical damage, improves liver function, and prevents damage-related liver fibrosis / sclerosis.

文獻報告指出,靈芝具有保護肝臟的作用。本研究之目的在於探索ReishiMax (RM)超級靈芝的保肝作用。 RM是一項含靈芝子實體及破壁孢子萃取物的專利產品(PHARMANEX)。 我們利用CCI4 -誘導(20%, 0.5 ml/rat)肝損傷大鼠模型進行實驗。我們為實驗用大鼠分別灌食每日劑量208、624或1664 mg/kg,灌食時間從CCI4注射前1週開始,持續至CCI4注射後8週(實驗結束)。 CCI4注射造成載體對照組肝損傷,其特徵為血清GOT/GPT、肝膠原蛋白和脾臟重指數上升,及血清白蛋白和肝總蛋白指數下降。 RM補充降低了轉氨基酶(p < 0.05 ~ 0.01)和肝膠原蛋白(P < 0.01)指數;預防了血清白蛋白(P < 0.05)和肝總蛋白(P < 0.05)指數的下降;並降低了脾臟重(P < 0.05)。 組織病理化驗顯示,接受RM治療大鼠的肝組織明顯改善。 我們的研究結果證明,RM超級靈芝可保護肝臟免於化學損傷、改善肝功能、並預防損傷相關的肝纖維化/硬化。

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