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today three new posts / world premiere
age and your complexion
It started with the discovery of the Arnox enzyme, causes skin aging, they learned to turn off the Arnox enzyme for a while, for 24 hours, but they wore it for a long time, and then came
“Ethocin” in this Patented production that restores elastin levels in skin to 18 to 24 years! The scope of participants’ research is from 44 to 77 lats, and 99% less than 88%. Perform basic biopsies to clinically confirm elastin results before and after 60 days. For 60 days, the 77-year-old boy had the same elastin fiber content, i.e. his 21-year-old grandson, in the control group for 18-25 years.

Today is the third stage after ethocin

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