Positioning Statement
You try to eat a variety of healthy foods, but you never quite manage
to consume all the whole grains, vegetables, fruits, calcium-rich foods,
and lean proteins that make up a well-balanced diet. It’s time to
balance yourself with LifePak. This exceptional nutritional supplement
provides your body with a variety of micronutrients, phytonutrients,
and antioxidants—compounds essential to optimal health. Scientifically formulated to support longevity and wellness, it supplies a
comprehensive array of vitamins and minerals to fill the nutrient gaps
your daily diet may leave. When taken with MarineOmega, LifePak
provides a nutritional foundation for a life full of vitality and energy
and free of debilitating conditions associated with nutritional deficiencies and low antioxidant levels.*
Enjoying excellent health and staying healthy throughout one’s life-span
begins with eating right. There is a growing mountain of scientific
evidence demonstrating the direct correlation of poor nutrition with
many degenerative conditions that were previously thought unrelated.
As each new clinical report is published, people are reminded of the
importance of eating a healthy diet. A growing number are turning to
more healthy food selections and sources, yet our modern lifestyles
often make it difficult to consume recommended levels of key nutrients that are essential to our health and well-being. Dietary surveys
continue to confirm a sad fact—the overwhelming majority of people
do not consume optimal levels of key nutrients by diet alone.
Data from the USDA’s most recent national survey released in 2007
(NHANES 2002) showed that most people do not meet even the
most basic recommendations for nutrient intake. Another report
released by the Centers for Disease Control in 2007 indicates that
most individuals consume fruits and vegetables far below the recommended intake. A study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) in 2002 reported that low levels
of key nutrients such as the antioxidant vitamins A, C, and E may increase the risk of several health conditions. Furthermore, the researchers concluded that, “It appears prudent for all adults to take
vitamin and mineral supplements.”
Making a better effort to consume whole, fresh foods in the right
proportions is an excellent start to improving one’s nutritional health
status. But a nutritional foundation for optimal health and wellness
should include a comprehensive dietary supplement program. A
supplement program can fill the nutrient gaps and act as insurance
against nutritional deficiencies, which studies show to be common
in even the best of diets.
LifePak’s Proven Science—The Measurable Difference
There are more than 200,000 published studies on the antioxidants
in LifePak and nearly 800,000 published studies on its comprehensive list of 59+ ingredients. Furthermore, LifePak has been
subjected to several clinical studies that have demonstrated specific
antioxidant and cardiovascular benefits from regular and consistent
use of LifePak. Pharmanex’s extensive testing procedures and quality
control processes guarantee a highly efficacious product.*
LifePak Addresses Specific Health Needs with Comprehensive
Formulas in One Product
LifePak consists of individual product formulas scientifically combined
into one convenient product. Each sachet contains one vitamin
capsule, one phytonutrient capsule, and two mineral capsules.
Corrects Nutritional Deficiencies
LifePak improves the foundation of your daily health by supplying the
body with more than 20 essential vitamins and minerals for optimal
health and energy. The 2005 USDA diet guidelines point to some
persistent nutrient deficiencies (vitamins B12 and D for elderly, iron
for pregnancy, etc.) and the USDA has issued the following recommendation: “…efforts are warranted to promote increased dietary
intakes of vitamin E, calcium, magnesium, potassium, and fiber by children and adults and to promote increased dietary intakes of
vitamins A and C by adults.”*
Balances Bone Nutrition
Bone health is a growing concern globally, especially for women.
LifePak provides key bone nutrients in clinically significant amounts to
strengthen and maintain bone health. Bone minerals including highly
absorbable calcium (500 mg) and magnesium (250 mg) are included
in LifePak as the building blocks of bone health. LifePak provides
vitamin D to regulate calcium and magnesium bone metabolism and
vitamin K to help transport calcium to bones. Magnesium and boron
work synergistically for maximum efficacy.*
Balances Immune Support
Vitamins A, C, and E, carotenoids, vitamin B6, and zinc help to bolster the immune system and give your body the nutrients it needs
to perform optimally. LifePak contains optimal levels of these nutrients to support the normal function of the immune system and
keep the body healthy. LifePak has been formulated to provide the
nutrients missing from diets that fail to include five to seven servings
of fruits and vegetables.*
Supports Blood Sugar Metabolism
LifePak helps maintain normal blood sugar levels, glucose tolerance, and insulin metabolism by supplying the body with optimum amounts of chromium, vitamin C, vitamin E, alpha-lipoic
acid, magnesium, and zinc—important nutrients clinically shown
to support normal blood sugar metabolism.*
Helps Protect the Body with Cardiovascular Nutrients
LifePak supports cardiovascular health through a number of important mechanisms, including improved resistance of LDL cholesterol against free radical oxidation, promotion of normal circulation
and blood pressure, and maintenance of normal low blood levels
of homocysteine.*
Helps Protect the Body Against the Symptoms of Aging
LifePak contains proprietary T–egreen 97,® one of the most powerful
antioxidants on earth, to address the central cause of aging—cellular
DNA damage. DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) is your genetic blueprint from which new cells are created and healthy cells renewed.
As we age, our antioxidant defense system becomes weaker. At the
same time, the large numbers of free radicals produced in the mitochondria damage mitochondrial DNA, which leads to diminished
energy production, cellular function, and cellular regeneration. All
of this can lead to symptoms of aging.*
Protects Cells With a Powerful Antioxidant Network
LifePak contains more than 40 antioxidants (including proprietary
T–egreen 97) for cell health. Pollution, stress, and modern lifestyles
produce free radicals that damage our cells. Our bodies are underconstant attack by these free radicals, and science has shown that
a network of antioxidants (rather than a high amount of a single
antioxidant) is more effective in combating these damaging molecules. The body relies on a steady supply of dietary antioxidants to
maintain optimal health. LifePak includes all eight forms of natural
vitamin E, buffered vitamin C, selenium, copper, zinc, and manganese. Other antioxidants include six carotenoids, more than 20
flavonoids (including catechins and more than 10 grape seed
polyphenols), alpha-lipoic acid, and resveratrol.*
The Leader in Nutritional Supplementation
LifePak is the leader in nutritional supplementation with a complete
anti-aging dietary supplement that delivers important vitamin, mineral,
phytonutrient, and antioxidant micronutrients for the day-to-day health
needs of the human body. LifePak supplies these nutrients in clinically
significant amounts, with the most bioavailable formulas and ingredients. Used together, LifePak and MarineOmega constitute an excellent nutritional foundation and anti-aging supplement program.*
Product Benefits
LifePak provides health benefits that are the result of millions of
hours of research and development throughout the world.*
• Corrects nutritional deficiencies*
• Targets nutritional needs at the cellular level with optimal
amounts of nutrients essential for vigor and vitality*
• Gives superior anti-aging benefits and cell protection by providing the body with important antioxidants and phytonutrients
such as alpha-lipoic acid and catechins*
• Improves and supports your antioxidant defense network with
powerful antioxidants*
• Supplies a comprehensive blend of nutrients to support and
enhance a healthy cardiovascular system*
• Provides comprehensive bone nutrition support*
• Promotes healthy immune system function and support*
• Supports normal blood sugar metabolism*
• Offers anti-aging benefits including longevity and wellness*
• Helps maintain healthy eyesight*
• Promotes healthy teeth and gums*
• Supports weight management efforts*
• Encourages optimal skin function and protection*
• Enhances energy metabolism*
• Helps maintain mental performance*
What Makes This Product Unique?
• LifePak was the first comprehensive dietary supplement to show
antioxidant benefits in double-blind, placebo-controlled studies.
• LifePak provides clinically significant amounts of essential vitamins and minerals typically lacking in the average diet.*
• LifePak promotes your entire antioxidant defense network to
protect against free radical damage.*
• LifePak provides a wide range of antioxidants for optimal
• LifePak provides significant doses of antioxidant vitamins,
mineral cofactors, a broad spectrum carotenoid blend, more
than 20 flavonoids, and scientifically advanced antioxidants,
such as alpha-lipoic acid, resveratrol, and quercetin.*
• LifePak is scientifically validated.
• The conveniently packaged sachet goes with you and your
busy lifestyle.
Who Should Use This Product?
Every adult ages 18 and up concerned with improving health and
nutrition. Teens ages 13 to 17 may take one packet daily if their
body weight is less than 45 kg (100 pounds) and two packets
daily if their body weight is greater than 45 kg.
Did You Know?
• The DNA in each cell of your body receives 70,000 free radical
hits per day.
• Today, people are living 30 years longer than a century ago.
• Almost 80% of females do not get the recommended daily
amount of calcium.
• More than 9.8 billion LifePak capsules and tablets have been
sold since 1992


Are you ready to feel and live younger? To remind your
body how to act young again? To experience the freedom
of your mind and body working together at their absolute
best? You’re not alone. One noticeable sign of aging is that
we lose our youthful spark; we begin to feel flat, sluggish,
and out of tune. Starting today, you have the power to feel
young again. ageLOC science identifies and targets Youth
Gene Clusters (YGCs) to retune your youth—helping you
feel healthier, younger, and more vibrant than you have in
As we age, the expression, or activity, of our genes changes
and this affects our ability to feel young. ageLOC R2
is a
powerful product combination that works by targeting
YGCs related to cellular purification and cellular energy
production toward a more youthful time. Taken in the
evening, ageLOC R2
Night optimizes each cell’s natural
purification process, helping you start each day feeling
refreshed and renewed. Taken in the morning, ageLOC R2
Day optimizes cellular energy production to help you
recharge and take control of a new day. Renew and recharge
with ageLOC R2
. Be part of a true revolution in anti-aging. If you want to feel
younger longer, you need ageLOC R2
. Available only
through Nu Skin, ageLOC is the perfectly balanced
opportunity that combines proprietary products and
exclusive, breakthrough science.
As we age, it’s easy to miss the subtle changes in how we feel.
These changes accumulate until one day we wake up and
realize that we no longer feel young. Do you remember that
day? Did you ask yourself, “How can I recapture my youth?”
The key to youth is in our genes. As we age, the expression
of our genes, or the way our genes communicate with our
cells, changes. This can diminish our cells’ ability to function
at their peak. When trillions of our cells feel sluggish, it’s no
wonder that we can also feel worn down and tired.
This aging phenomenon is in part the result of the changing
expression of our YGCs related to two important processes:
cellular purification and cellular energy production. This is a
cyclical process that can cause an increase in our internal toxic
burden and a loss of vitality. When these YGCs aren’t working
in harmony, it creates a downward spiral that can slow the
body’s ability to function well and make it difficult to feel like
we did when we were young.
With aging, our bodies can become less effective at purifying
and our cells begin to accumulate damage, cellular waste,
and toxic byproducts. Everyone is concerned about
environmental contaminants, but it’s also important to
target the buildup and damage from internal metabolism
(breathing, converting food to energy, and so on) that
happens over time and that can accelerate the aging
process. Until now, products haven’t focused on this
internal source of aging—they have focused on some
symptoms of the problem rather than a key source. Unlike
a colon cleanse, which is limited to the GI tract and only
targets some systems, we are providing a cellular cleanse,
which focuses on the internal source by targeting the YGC
associated with cellular purification.
Loss of physical vigor, reduced mental acuity, and the lack
of sexual desire are common signs of aging—ultimately,
what we call the loss of vitality. As we age, our bodies’
ability to effectively generate and utilize energy declines,
which can rob us of youthful vitality. In fact, studies show
that 85 percent of consumers are concerned about their
energy and stamina levels.1
The source of this decline
starts deep inside each of our cells, as tiny cellular “power
plants” called mitochondria convert the energy from our
foods into a form of chemical energy that fuels our bodies.
As we age, the efficiency and number of our mitochondria
declines and energy production is unable to keep up with
our bodies’ demands. The loss of vitality as we age is
associated with age-related changes in the YGC related to
cellular energy production.
Drawing on exclusive access to 30 years of anti-aging genetic
research, Nu Skin is uniquely positioned to identify and target
YGCs. With ageLOC science we have an understanding of
how YGCs influence aging, and we are able to develop
products that support the youthful expression of these YGCs
to help us feel more like we did when we were younger. Research
findings have helped us reveal natural compounds shown to
oppose age-related changes in expression of YGCs associated
with aging. We are now able to target the YGCs related to
both cellular purification and cellular energy production
to more youthful expression patterns—helping you feel
younger, longer.
Think of the body as an incredibly intricate orchestra of genes.
With an orchestra, you see and hear how each beautiful sound
comes from groups of instruments to create the finished piece.
Just as instruments in an orchestra play as a group, genes work
in clusters—the youthful expression of each gene working

Similarly, YGCs express themselves youthfully to promote
optimal cellular purification and cellular energy production.
With age, YGC expression may change and get out of
balance, just as instruments lose their pitch and play out of
tune. Like any good conductor, ageLOC science identifies
and targets the groups that aren’t performing up to par.
Then, it’s a matter of retuning the musical instruments and
leading the group to play harmoniously once again.
ageLOC R2
brings ageLOC science to the product level to
target the YGCs related to cellular purification and
cellular energy production toward a more balanced and
youthful state.
Men and women over the age of 18 who have ever felt tired,
weighed down, sluggish, or the inability to fully engage in an
active life, and who want to feel youthful and vibrant.

Anti-Aging Formula

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