Millions of people around the world suffer from joint discomfort. In 2012, there were 52.5 million individuals who
experienced joint-related discomfort and restricted motion
and lifestyle in the U.S. alone. That number is expected to
increase to 78 million by 2040. These problems also affect
about 294,000 children in the U.S. Joint-related concerns
account for 427 million days of restricted activity and 156 million days in bed, making joint discomfort the leading cause
of industrial absenteeism and the second leading reason,
after heart disease, for receiving disability benefits.
FlexCrème uses a proprietary blend of novel ingredients
with menthol to help relieve discomfort and stiffness.
Promoting flexibility and motion, FlexCrème is fast acting
and targets areas of discomfort, allowing individuals to enjoy
life as they should
Helps promote mobility
Comforts tension and soothes the body
Provides quick and localized cooling
Needle bruises
Pain muscles
For adults and children 2 years and older, simply rub FlexCreme on your problem areas no more than three to four times a day. For children under 2 years of age, parents should consult a physician.
FlexCrème is for use by adults and children two years of age
and older.
The main ingredients in FlexCrème are cetyl tallowate,
peppermint oil, and menthol, an extract from peppermint
oil. Cetyl tallowate contains myristoleic acids—a
proprietary esterified fatty acid complex containing a
combination of a fatty acid and a long-chain alcohol
molecule, cetyl alcohol. It is commonly found in certain
animals, nuts, and vegetables. Esterified fatty acids play an
important role in building and maintaining healthy cells and
is also used by the body as an emulsifier and lubricant.
Decreases joint discomfort temporarily
Helps promote mobile joint function, increasing joint flexibility
Eases tired, sore muscles, stiff joints, and cramps with quick, localized relief
The active ingredient menthol, provides cooling relief from pain and discomfort, working to directly target and eliminate painful areas surrounding overworked joints helping promote joint mobility.
A unique, proprietary cetyl ester complex (an all-natural form of a fatty acid) is used in building and maintaining healthy cells

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