Lufra revitalizes skin

Liquid Body Lufra is great for shaving your legs! The
exfoliating action of the walnut husks removes dead cells so
the razor can get a closer, smoother shave. Your legs will feel
incredibly soft and silky after shaving with Liquid Body Lufra.

Reveal a smoother, refreshed you. Liquid Body Lufra revitalizes
skin using finely ground walnut shells to buff out rough spots
on the elbows, backs of arms, knees, heels, and all over. At
the same time, Aloe vera and moisturizing ingredients
soothe and nurture skin to prevent any discomfort. Ideal for
shaving, this exfoliating formula leaves skin feeling smooth,
vibrant, and silky soft.
Women and men ages 20+ who want a body product that
smoothes and softens the skin.

• Walnut husks—finely ground to exfoliate and remove dry,
rough patches of skin.
• Aloe vera—soothes and nurtures skin.
Apply Liquid Body Lufra to dampened skin, work gently
into a lather, then rinse thoroughly. Follow with your favorite
Nu Skin body moisturizer. Use two to three times a week.
Note: Do not use Liquid Body Lufra on your face.

• Provides essential exfoliation by gently working away
surface impurities and dead skin.
• Revitalizes the body with an invigorating exfoliating action.
• Smoothes dry, rough areas on the elbows, knees, and
entire body.
• Improves your skin’s tone and texture as it removes dry
patches and rough areas.
• Rinses away without leaving a residue that can dry and
irritate skin.
• Formulated 100% soap-free.
• Safety-allergy-dermatologist tested.

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