Skin Care System

We are all unique, with our own distinctive needs, profile and preferences. It makes sense that we should be able to
customise something as personal as skin care itself. Imagine anti-ageing skin care as individual as you are. Now
dreams can come true with state-of-the-art technology and sophisticated anti-ageing formulations. Drawing on
world-class expertise, Nu Skin® has changed the way you approach skin care with ageLOC® Me.
ageLOC Me® revolutionises your anti-ageing regimen. Featuring five powerful, cutting-edge products, one smart
Skin Assessment and one unique delivery device, ageLOC Me® is customised for you, by you.
Men and women who want to achieve and maintain a younger-looking skin by minimising the visible signs of ageing.
This through an entirely new and different experience that simplifies their lives and ensures they get their best fitting
skin care regimen.
 Breakthrough advanced anti-ageing skin care customised formulas
 Smart Skin Care System designed to optimise individuality
 Eliminates the guesswork and makes your skin care product selection much more relevant
 Identifies and delivers an anti-ageing skin care regimen for your best possible fit
 Helps people to look their best at any age
 Features ageLOC® science
 Clinically proven to provide a younger and healthier looking skin
 First-of-its-kind delivery system that stores, combines and dispenses your skin care products from 5 airless
 cartridges, making it a hygienic and touchless experience
 Streamlines your skin care routine and makes sticking to it easy and fun
 Provides a precise dose twice a day, every da
Skin assessment
 Customisable regimen: take the ageLOC Me® Skin Assessment to customise your products based on you,
your skin and your preferences. By doing so, you will receive your personalised skin care code.
 Continued fine-tune: take the ageLOC Me® Skin Assessment as often as you like, to adjust your regimen
depending on the season, your location, preference changes, visible ageing signs concerns, etc.
Delivery device
 Touchless and hygienic: this device stores, combines and dispenses your skin care products in a hygienic
and clean way.
 Unique delivery: there are several delivery options to help you refine your experience. There are also
features like remaining dose alerts so you know how much product you have left.
 Precise delivery: this device ensures you get a precise dose of product at the right time, every time.
 Five delivery modes: you have the choice between semi-automatic, fully automatic, non-delivery demo,
travel, and single use mode.
 Travel mode: it conveniently dispenses the precise amount of product you need directly into your travel
container. This travel container is included in the ageLOC Me® package and can hold up to 7 days of

 About 2,000 combinations: out of these combinations, your customised regimen is selected for you and
by you.
 Unique airless packaging: no air can enter into the cartridges. This ensures the active ingredients are
optimally protected.
 3 serum cartridges: ageLOC Me® has three serum cartridges, because in this way, we are able to offer you
more active ingredients in one step.

ageLOC Me® is inspired by more than 35 years of anti-ageing genetic science. It contains a customised skin care
regimen with three customised serums, a customised Day and Night moisturiser chosen for you from about 2,000
possible combinations. All cartridges feature our ageLOC® technology to target the sources of the visible signs of
skin ageing and preserve the look of youth.

Serums (3) Expand your anti-ageing regimen by the power of three combined serums to improve the appearance
of the visible signs of skin ageing. The serums come in three separate cartridges to bring you more active ingredients
in one step, which would not have been possible with one serum cartridge. The serums work to deliver the following benefits for your skin:
– Reduces the appearance of lines and wrinkles
– Reduces pore size
– Smooths the appearance of moderate to deep lines
– Smooths rough skin texture
– Increases
– Decreases discolouration, age spots and uneven skin tone
– Firms and contours
Day and Night moisturiser
The day and night formulas are designed to work in conjunction with each other, providing you with a
comprehensive 24 hour regimen. The moisturisers help improve cellular turnover to refine texture and reveal
smoother, softer skin. You also have the possibility to choose if you want to include a Sun Protection Factor (SPF)
for your Day moisturiser and a fragrance or fragrance-free moisturiser.
Day moisturiser (1) Start your day with the perfect product

 Soothes the skin
 Increases elasticity
 If a Sun Protection Factor (SPF) is included, in addition to the moisturising function of the products, you will
 have a UVA/UVB protection

Order your ageLOC Me® Skin Care System online or from a Distributor. This package contains your Reference Set,
a set of five products formulated to deliver comprehensive anti-ageing benefits. With the Reference Set, you have
immediate access to the products so you can experience how they feel and how they benefit your skin. Use this set
as a basis to learn about your skin needs and preferences. The Reference Set will also help you get comfortable
using your ageLOC Me® device and products. Use it twice a day, morning and evening, for 30 days.

Step Two: Tell us about you
Together with your Reference Set experience, the ageLOC Me® Skin Assessment helps you determine your skin
(individual skin attributes, personal visible light to heavy
days. You can dial in targeted benefits with the serums to meet your individual needs. At the end of the Skin
Assessment, you will receive your personal skin care code

Step Three: Experience your customised skin care regimen
Order your ageLOC Me® Custom Set with your personal skin care code. You told us about you, your skin, and your
preferences and, combined with our expertise in anti-ageing science innovation, we put together a regimen that is
just for you.
Once you receive your customised product set, start using it after you have used the Reference Set for 30 days. Like
the Reference Set, your Custom Set contains three serums and an ageLOC Me® Day and Night moisturiser.

Step Four: Keep it or change it up
Retake the ageLOC Me® Skin Assessment as many times as you like. You may want to adapt your skin care regimen
depending on the season, location, ageing signs concerns, etc. There is no limit to how many times you can take the.

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