DIMINISHING SKIN VITALITY: A COMBINATION OF EFFECTS Numerous factors contribute to changes in the appearance of skin: • The natural 28-day cycle during which skin cells are born, grow, and die may be altered by environmental damage, lifestyle, and aging. This allows dead cells to build up on the skin’s surface, causing dullness and sallowness and affecting skin’s ability to hold moisture. • Skin may become depleted of critical nutrients, such as vitamin C, leading to loss of firmness. • Excess sun exposure may cause irregular formation of pigment, leading to brown patches or freckles. • The skin’s natural process of repairing sun damage may lead to invisible solar scars, which appear as fine lines or deeper wrinkles. Because changes in the skin are related to numerous factors, no single treatment can completely improve all the visible effects of stress and environmental aging.
RESTORATION OF SKIN VITALITY: THE BENEFITS OF COMBINATION THERAPY By understanding how skin changes and ages, dermatological science has brought us new ways to improve skin’s appearance. We now have advanced cosmetic treatments that work effectively on the top layers of skin where the effects of age and the sun are most visible. Importantly, many leading skin researchers have demonstrated that comprehensive improvement of skin’s appearance requires a combination of treatments for optimal results. Such a comprehensive system would offer a number of treatment ingredients and related benefits: •Effective concentration of lactic acid (10% or more) at the appropriate pH levels to help Effects of AHA Nourishing effects of Vitamin C Stratum Comeum Basal Cell Layer Other layers of the Epidermis
relieve skin of rough surface texture and help lessen appearance of lines and wrinkles. •Natural anti-irritants to improve comfort during lactic acid treatment and calm the minor inflammation often related to environmental damage •Powerful humectants to keep skin cells drenched in moisture, critical to health and vitality •Vitamin C to help restore skin firmness and support the skin’s natural defense mechanisms •DNA enzymes to improve skin suppleness •Sunscreens that provide the UVA and UVB protection necessary to prevent further environmental damage and pigmentation changes.
CLINICAL STUDIES PROVE THAT ONE TREATMENT SYSTEM RAPIDLY RETURNS SKIN TO A MORE YOUTHFUL STATE An eight-week study was conducted to assess improvement in skin appearance from using Nu Skin 180° Anti-Aging Skin Therapy. The study was performed by an independent testing laboratory with the following method: 118 participants between the ages of 25 and 65 with visible signs of photo damage were enrolled in the study. Each participant was instructed to follow a specific regimen which consisted of use of 180° Face Wash (vitamin C-depositing cleanser) followed by 180° Skin Mist (soothing/calming toner), 180° Cell Renewal Fluid (lactic acid 9.8%, salicylic acid 0.2%), and 180° UV Block Hydrator SPF 18 each morning and 180° Face Wash, 180° Skin Mist, and 180° Night Complex each evening. Participants returned to the study center for clinical assessment at one-, four-, and eight-week time points.
RESULTS Nearly 100% of participants in the study experienced improvement in the appearance of their skin. Improvement was noted as early as the first seven-day time point. The most dramatic rate of improvement in appearance was noted at weeks one and four, with continuing improvement through week eight.
For individuals with mild to more advanced signs of environmental aging, regular use of the Nu Skin 180° Anti-Aging Skin Therapy System for four to eight weeks results in restoration of the appearance and feel of smoother, clearer, and younger skin.
NU SKIN 180° ANTI-AGING SKIN THERAPY Indication Nu Skin 180° Anti-Aging Skin Therapy is an intense cosmetic treatment system that helps restore a more youthful appearance to skin that exhibits rough surface texture, changes in color and tone, loss of firmness, and fine lines and wrinkles associated with stress and environmental aging.
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