Powerlips Fluid

Finally, you CAN have it all! Give your lips the attention and care
they deserve with Powerlips Fluid. This ultra-long-lasting lip
color contains a special blend of good-for-you, skin-nourishing
ingredients to help soothe, smooth, and prevent dry-out over
time. And infused with our Sueded Comfort Cushion,
Powerlips Fluid’s high-performance, weightless formula
cushions your lips, leaving them feeling soft for hours. Plus,
with its easy, one-step application, it’s virtually foolproof and
won’t feather or bleed.
Enjoy intense, long-wearing lip color that won’t smudge or
budge all day—through work and play. Seriously powerful.
Simply wow!
Powerlips Fluid.
• Creates a Sueded Comfort Cushion, a flexible film layer on
the skin, that cushions your lips and leaves them feeling soft
for hours.
• Comfortable on lips; does not sting or burn when applied.
• Has a light and silky, non-sticky consistency.
• Does not contain a harsh alcohol smell or taste.
• Is non-separating and does not require shaking to evenly
distribute product prior to application.
• Weightless formula contains a blend of skin-nourishing
ingredients, like avocado oil, beeswax, and vitamin E to
hydrate, nourish, and prevent damage.
• Is smudge-resistant, drink-resistant, and kiss-resistant
• Won’t feather or bleed into lines around or above lips.
• Layers beautifully for highlighting or contouring.
• Doe-foot applicator both lines and fills lips for easy, onestep
• Features a set of beautiful matte and metallic colors
exclusive to Nu Skin.
• Available in colors specially curated for all skin tones
and ethnicities.
What makes Powerlips Fluid different from other liquid
lip colors?
Powerlips Fluid was specially formulated to be powerful,
long-lasting lip color that also softens and soothes your
skin. Unlike other long-wearing lip color products that use
the same harsh chemicals found in solvents and hairsprays,
Powerlips Fluid contains good-for-you, skin-nourishing
ingredients. Powerlips Fluid is also formulated with our
proprietary Sueded Comfort Cushion to cushion your
lips, giving them a soft, suede-like texture. Dermatologisttested,
Powerlips Fluid keeps your lips looking and feeling
great all day long.
Is applying Powerlips Fluid difficult?
Thanks to our weightless, no-stick, and transfer-resistant
formula, Powerlips Fluid can be easily applied anywhere,
anytime. The doe-foot applicator is also designed to
effortlessly glide across the contours of your lips.
Do I need to use makeup remover to wash it off?
No, you do not need to use makeup remover to wash it off.
You can use any facial cleanser to remove it. We recommend
using Pure Cleansing GelHow long does it take Powerlips Fluid to dry once applied?
How long the product takes to dry will depend on how many
layers you have applied, as well as the shade used. Light
shades tend to dry faster than darker shades. If you’re only
using one color, it should take about two minutes for it to dry
after application.
Register Wholesale price. nuskin.com Sponzor Alexander Vasko SK5500064.

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